Prices and Availability
The prices of the spaces depend on which of the four buildings you are interested in and whether you are in possession of a CAWA registration. You can see here which spaces are still available and what the related costs are.?

Viewing days
We still have a variety of spaces available at the BOGOTÁ Creative Hub. We have guided tours every Monday and Thursday at 3 pm. You can sign up here.?

Besides gas, water, electricity and an internet connection, everyone gets a bicycle and a large flower box, which can also be used to grow vegetables. In addition, you can make use of the restaurant, meeting rooms, the exhibition space and we have a cultural programmer at your disposal that can help you with meetings and collaborations.?
A positive CAWA test result is required for some spaces at the BOGOTÁ Creative Hub. To apply for this, you can fill in the form here . Please note that you may have to wait several months for your result. Tenants with a positive CAWA result pay an average of 25% less for their space. More information about CAWA can be found on the Municipality of Amsterdam website.