The prices of the spaces depend on which of the four buildings you are interested in and whether you are in possession of a CAWA registration. We recommend that you pay us a visit and view the different spaces for yourself. You can find an overview of all the different spaces here. All amounts are excluding VAT.

Via this form. We will contact you as soon as possible!

The BOGOTÁ Creative Hub is easy to reach from both Amsterdam and Haarlem. You can get there by car, bicycle or public transportation. On average, it’s a 20 minutes cycle from Haarlem to BOGOTÁ and from Amsterdam a half hour. Each tenant is provided with a bicycle and there are free parking facilities for cars. The creative hub is also within walking distance of the Halfweg-Zwanenburg train station and the Kinheim Zwanenburg bus station.

The Amsterdam Committee for Studios and Living/ Working Spaces (abbreviated CAWA in Dutch) assesses, among other things, the artistry of prospective tenants for new creative hubs. To qualify for a CAWA space, you need to be a professional artist and your income should not be too high. To be able to rent a CAWA area at BOGOTÁ, you need a positive CAWA test result. You can fill in the form here. Please note that you may have to wait several months for your result. Tenants with a positive CAWA result pay an average of 20 to 25% less than tenants renting at the regular rate. More information about CAWA can be found on the Municipality of Amsterdam website.

For any questions you might have, you can contact us via 023-5333542 during office hours or via If you are interested in renting a space you can fill out this form.

You will hear from us within two weeks of your introductory interview if you have been accepted.

After you’ve been accepted, we will need some information from you so that we can draw up a contract, such as your Chamber of Commerce number and CAWA registration number (if applicable). We will send you a form with all the details we need from you.

Besides gas, water, electricity and an internet connection, everyone gets a bicycle and a large flower box, which can also be used to grow vegetables. In addition, you can make use of the restaurant, meeting rooms, the exhibition space and we have a cultural programmer at your disposal that can help you with meetings and collaborations.?Modifications to the spaces are normally for your own account or in consultation with us.

We feel it’s important that we develop the BOGOTÁ Creative Hub together. For this purpose, we have set up six project groups that are involved in the following themes: Gardening (Equipo del Jardin), Connections (Equipo de Conexiones), Maintenance (Equipo de Mantenimiento), Events (Equipo de Eventos) and Food (Equipo de la Comida). Everyone is expected to participate in at least two teams per year to help make the BOGOTÁ Creative Hub a lively place.

The BOGOTÁ Creative Hub is run by Meurkens & Meurkens, a social development company that manages buildings for the creative industry in the broadest sense. For ten years already, M&M has been transforming vacant real estate into bustling creative hubs. For example, M&M is responsible for the LTS creative hub in Amsterdam and Onder de Toren in Haarlem. The BOGOTÁ Creative Hub will be M&M’s first permanent creative hub.

This registration form states what information we need.